Spencer Street Park

This ADA-compliant playground will be the only one of its kind in the region and will be used by a wide range of people and organizations throughout the area. It is our hope that this park will be of such high quality in design and appearance that it will play a factor in a family’s decision to settle in our community. The park will be designed to be maintenance free and safe. This facility is enclosed with a fence and filled with safety conscience equipment. Giving us a playground with low risk of injury while providing low cost maintenance, insurance and security.

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Points To Consider:

1. The Park will service the Central New York Region. Its location is within a quarter mile of the NYS Thruway exchange, one-half mile from State Route 5 and a block away from State Route 13, it is easily accessible to over 73,000 thousand people. In addition, the park is one block away from the extensively used Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor and the Appalachian Trial Way, which joins the Erie Canal in Canastota. There is no fully handicap accessible park in this entire region.

2. The Park is located in the Center of Canastota for walking convenience.

3. The Park is situated next to the Canastota Community  Pool. This will compliment that facility and make it more user friendly. A parent or guardian can have children using the pool for swimming lessons while other children use the park.

4. The location already supports a large paved parking lot saving the cost of creating one and eliminating the potential problems of street parking.

5. The park is located in a residential area which will aid in safety and security. The park is completely handicap accessible and fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

6. Being an all-inclusive park allows children and adults with wheelchairs to fully participate with others in the community. This encourages all children to learn to play and work together.

7. The Platform Swing and the Aeroglider are fully wheel chair accessible and usable. Nothing like this exists in all of Madison County.

8. There is an additional belt swing for more immobile individuals as well as two toddler swings.

9. The entire playground is designed and built with the highest grade of plastics available with lifetime warranties.  All metal parts are aluminum and coated, making this equipment virtually care-free and a one time expense.

10. The playground incorporates the Canastota theme Raiders. The pirate ship setting encourages children to exercise their imagination and play skills.

11. Finally, the entire park is fenced in to protect children from the road and to give comfort of security to others.

12. Surrounding this park are the Villages of Canastota and Wampsville, the Towns of Lenox and Lincoln and the Hamlet of Whitelaw all of which have no municipal parks. It is the intention that this all-inclusive park will service the entire region.

13. According to the 2010 census: Madison County population is 73,442. However , this park will be accessible to regional travelers using the inter-state recreational trail-ways that pass within 200 yards of the facility.

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